Tropical plants are beautiful, exotic, and in-demand across the United States all year-long. So, how do you get palm trees, orchids, orange trees or any other tropical plant species safely from Florida to areas similar to Chicago, any time of year? By using foliage consolidation and shipping services that understand how to cater to the needs of the tropical plants that you need to have shipped.

Experience and Equipment

By selecting a shipping company that has a track record servicing the foliage industry and tending to the needs of tropical plants, you can be sure that your plants will arrive at their destination healthy, vibrant and alive.

Whoever is responsible for your shipment needs to, not only understand what environment your plants need during transport, but they also need to have the right equipment and training to maintain that environment over the long haul.

Foliage Consolidation

Foliage consolidation is very popular with floral shops, nurseries, and growers who have small shipments of tropical plants that don’t need their own 18 wheeler for transport. Instead of having to pay for more shipment space than they need, foliage consolidation allows them to share a climate and humidity controlled trailer with other foliage businesses.

Consolidating these orders is a lot like carpooling and the benefits are similar as well. It reduces costs for everyone involved, reduces fuel usage and CO2 emissions by minimizing the number of trucks on the road and your plants will still arrive on time and in full health at their destinations.

Shipping and transporting tropical plants across the country is no easy task and can’t be taken lightly. The effort and work that it takes to grow these plants is tremendous and so should the care and thought that goes into shipping them to their new homes.

MCT Transportation is an experienced tropical plant logistics provider that has earned the “Carrier of the Year” award by the Florida Nursery, Growers and Landscape Association nine times in the last 18 years. They have the unique blend of experience, equipment and care that you can have confidence in when shipping your tropical plants.

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