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A variety of cargo, from food and beverages to foliage and flowers to pharmaceuticals is transported by refrigerated trucking companies. These specialty logistics providers generally own and operate their own fleet of late-model units, and employ a crew of experienced drivers. They are experts in refrigerated transportation, and they are fully aware of, and comply with, all the federal regulations pertaining to their operations. They are a vital component of the nation’s cold chain.

Controlling Temperatures

The key reason refrigerated trailers were created is to keep cold, and frozen, foods at a steady temperature while they’re in transit. This ensures that products arrive at the destination in good condition, ready to sell, or consume, even if it’s produced, or packaged a long distance away. Drivers have to closely monitor the temperature within their trailer. This is accomplished with temperature gauges within the trailer that transmit the information to a display the driver can see from the cab. If there is any change that warrants action, the driver can adjust the temperature manually to keep it at the desired level.

Ensuring Food Safety

The importance of proper temperature cannot be stressed enough when it comes to shipping food items such as meat, dairy products, produce and other perishable items. If frozen food begins to thaw, bacteria will grow, which can cause illnesses in anyone consuming it. Likewise, if produce is exposed to very low temperatures, it will freeze, which affects its quality. Both of these scenarios have the same result, food that cannot be sold, and is therefore wasted. Proper handling while in transit helps protect the public against food-borne illnesses and ensures the highest quality of food is always delivered.

Meeting Customer Demands

The driving force behind companies that grow, package and produce food and beverage products is consumer demand. Failure to keep up will drive customers away, often to the competition. That’s why many manufacturers and suppliers rely upon an outsourced refrigerated trucking company to transport their goods. Whether it’s to distribution centers, warehouses, or to their wholesalers. From there, every supermarket, grocery store, convenience store, depends upon refrigerated trucks to deliver the goods their customers buy every day.

Temperature controlled trailers are one of the modern marvels that we all take for granted. Without them, however, our food supply would become much less safe. Reputable refrigerated trucking companies own, and operate, late-model equipment with temperature sensing technology, driven by experienced individuals. This ensures that the nation’s cold chain not only keeps up with consumer demand, while at the same time maintaining the highest standards when it comes to food handling.

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