Tropical plants are beautiful, exotic, and in-demand across the United States all year-long. So, how do you get palm trees, orchids, orange trees or any other tropical plant species safely from Florida to areas similar to Chicago, any time of year? By using foliage consolidation and shipping services that understand how to cater to the needs of the tropical plants that you need to have shipped. (more…)

MCT Reefer Trailer on the Road

A variety of cargo, from food and beverages to foliage and flowers to pharmaceuticals is transported by refrigerated trucking companies. These specialty logistics providers generally own and operate their own fleet of late-model units, and employ a crew of experienced drivers. They are experts in refrigerated transportation, and they are fully aware of, and comply with, all the federal regulations pertaining to their operations. They are a vital component of the nation’s cold chain. (more…)

There are many benefits to outsourcing trucking fleet operations to a third-party logistics provider. It’s cost-effective, improves supply chain efficiency and reduces a company’s liabilities and expenses, just to name a few. As with any other relationship, however, there are certain things that must be done to achieve a successful partnership. If you’re thinking about outsourcing, it is a good idea to plan out how you will manage your relationship with your provider. (more…)

Over the past year, there has been a flurry of new regulations and rulings pertaining to the trucking industry. Refrigerated transportation carriers, and indeed all trucking companies, must prepare their fleets, drivers and companies for these inevitable changes. Reducing greenhouse gases, improving recordkeeping for drivers and clarifying the hours-of-service rule details are, perhaps, the top three regulatory concerns these days. (more…)

Every year, hundreds of millions of plants and flowers are shipped throughout the United States, regardless of season or climate. The nursery and landscape industries are thriving elements of the nationwide economic picture. Essential to the plant industry is the refrigerated trucking and shipping industry. (more…)

Florida is one of the leading producers of foliage plants in the country because of the mild temperatures and semi-tropical conditions. Plant growers in the state ship their foliage to greenhouses, florists and retailers year round. This is accomplished through the use of special, temperature controlled trailers that maintain the proper warmth and humidity to ensure plants arrive safely, and in good condition. Winter foliage transportation presents some unique challenges that must be overcome. (more…)

Temperature Sensitive Shipments

Refrigerated transportation is a form of climate controlled transport designed to ship goods and products that need a cool or frozen temperature to stay fresh and ready for market. The development of refrigerated transportation revolutionized food shipping and food safety, as well as plant and horticultural shipping practices. Some medical and electronic shipments have to be kept at cooler temperatures, especially when being shipped in hotter climes like Florida, Arizona and other parts of the country. (more…)

Shipping Merchandise in a Dry Van

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Dry van shipping is the most common form of trucking available. If you have purchased clothing, electronics or sporting goods in the last month, you have dry van shipping to thank for getting that merchandise to the stores intact and free from damage. Dry van shipping is the most common form of trucking in the United States, and the demand for it increases weekly. (more…)


The decision to outsource all, or part, of your private fleet is based upon many factors. You may be motivated by cost savings, or, you may simply need more vehicles than you can feasibly operate for a short period of time. In either circumstance, you’ll also be faced with another, perhaps more important choice. You’ll need to decide whether you need a dedicated contract carrier agreement, or, if a dedicated capacity agreement is more beneficial. When you understand the differences between these dedicated fleet partner options, you will be better equipped to make this all-important decision. (more…)


Many companies outsource their logistics needs to a third-party logistics provider because it’s cost-effective and improves supply chain efficiency. However, choosing the right 3PL can be a difficult task for shippers. There’s always a level of uncertainty involved with such a decision, things like will they be able to provide the services needed, will the costs outweigh the benefits and how to manage the process are all issues to contend with. When considering which provider to choose, it’s best to follow some basic guidelines, or best practices for selecting a 3PL to avoid these issues. (more…)

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